About us

We are WATCHDROP – originally known for being the world's first live and interactive online auction site dedicated to watches. However, through feedback from our passionate users, we have developed the platform to ensure that enthusiasts from around the world have a fair platform to use in the way in which they want to use it.

Our experienced team have combined their knowledge to develop this platform which gives each user the confidence to sell, buy or offer on any watch, at anytime of the day. Our offers system allows users to buy and sell at prices they deem fit. We are constantly innovating the platform to add even more safety features such as TrustShare* and adding additional features such as WATCHDROP+.

If you're as passionate about watches as we are, find out more about WATCHDROP today.

For buyers

We bring you new and exciting listings every day and at every price point. We have watches from private sellers and professional traders. You can scout some great and interesting watches and find watches selling for less than you might think. Each watch can be viewed in great detail, including all the crucial information and any supporting provenance. With our tools to message the seller, you will be fully informed before you make an offer or buy. When the sale is confirmed you will find our buyers fees (included in the total watch price) to be very reasonable when compared with other sales platforms in the market.

For sellers

Selling your watch is very easy and completely free regardless of value! Listing your watch can be done online and buyer enquiries will be received on our platform, keeping everything in one handy place. Our advisory team are always on hand to help you maximise your listing's value. On top of that, our trusted partners (WATCHDROP+) are available to help with valuations, polishing, professional photography and servicing.

Our dedicated and passionate team make sure that whether you're buying or selling, you're in safe hands.

Are you a professional trader with more than five watches to list? No problem, we understand that listing your watches on yet another platform is time consuming! Simply fill in the form below and one of our team will discuss you plans with WATCHDROP and how you can utilise the platform and reduce time, again, for FREE!


  • Sell your watch completely free
  • Offers system to for buyers to propose prices
  • Access your own account to easily add, manage and update listings
  • Chat live with our team, buyers or sellers
  • Use our partner network to value or service your watch