How much does it cost to register with WATCHDROP?


Which payment methods can I use?
What can I do to ensure the watch is authentic?
What if the watch is not as described, damaged or not authentic?
Can I use escrow when paying for the watch?
What is Trustshare?

Buying - 'Buy now'

Are there any additional fees to pay on Buy Now listings?

Buying - Auctions

What is the buyer’s premium?
What if I have a question for the seller during the auction?
Does the watch for sale have a reserve price?
Who do I pay if I am the winning bidder?
How does the buyer’s premium work?
Can I withdraw a bid?
Can bidders 'snipe' near the end of an auction?


What do I need to do to sell a watch?
Do I need to pay a fee for selling my watch?
Are there any watches that you don't sell?
How much detail do I need to give when selling a watch?
Will you write my watch's description for me?
Why hasn’t my listing gone live?
What happens if my watch does not sell in an auction?