Listing & Photography Guide

WATCHDROP’s essential guide on how to list and photograph your watch. We include tips to help increase your chances of attracting bids and teach you how take the shots we know will get your watch noticed.


The 12 key angles

Below are the 12 key photo angles. Remember it's not just your watch that needs attention. The packaging and paperwork are vital to reassuring potential buyers that your watch is genuine.
Note if you choose to publish these documents within your listing (recommended), we will blur out the serial number.

  1. Front facing

(watch hands at 10:10 ideally)

  1. 45 degrees right
  1. 45 degrees left
  1. 90 degrees right
  1. 90 degrees left
  1. Back facing
  1. Clasp or strap undone
  1. Case back
  1. Watch in box
  1. Box and all packaging
  1. Watch and certificate
  1. Lifestyle wrist shot

Accuracy and details

The accuracy and detail you give in your listing can make or break a sale. Remember that potential buyers only have the information you provide in the listing when choosing whether to bid and buy your watch. We provide a list of fields for all the core information required, from make and model, to age and condition. However, a written description that notes the functionality, features and even any wear marks, will help tell the story (we recommend around 200 words).

Paperwork is important

The provenance and paperwork cannot be overlooked. Buying online and from someone you do not know or have never met can be daunting, so do not make the mistake in leaving out anything that relates to provides clear and accurate details. If you choose to publish these documents within your listing (recommended), we will blur out the serial numbers.

When submitting a listing all paperwork, certificates and warranty cards are required to validate your listing and be checked by our team of watch experts to assess their credibility. Any watches without these documents may not be listed without a reasonable explanation.

Quality over quantity

We recommend a clear and concise listing with high quality photography. The photography should show the watch in the 12 main positions that we recommend below (see above). If you’d like any further help or support with your listing, our professional photography services can take the perfect shots and maximise your watches' value ahead of its listing.

Watch valuations

How much your watch is worth and how much someone else will pay for it is down to many factors. As such, make sure you are listing your watch at the right price and set a realistic reserve. Desirability, age, condition and whether of course you have everything that comes with your watch are the starting points. However, checking recent sales of similar listings and understanding market trends can help you achieve the price that is both realistic and you are ultimately happy with. One tip is to always set your reserve price at the amount you truly believe is your bottom price.


First impressions are everything

The cover image of your listing and the subsequent photos are the first thing that any potential buyer sees. This is your chance to make a first and lasting impression. Make sure your watch is clean and presentable.

Less is more

We advise taking photos of your watch from the 12 main angles. This is far more valuable to your listing than hundreds of similar shots.

Use natural lighting

Natural light is one of the most powerful tools in photography. Make use of it and take your photos near a window with good natural light.

Your phone is enough

Mobile phones these days have great cameras and by using the zoom and focus functions you can take the photos needed to create a great listing.


Setting the stage or background is not always the easiest, however we have this covered. Once you have registered as a seller you will be sent our ‘photo kit’ which includes a stand for your watch and a white background to make things easier.


Listings will not go live without our background being used. It is part of our proof of ownership validation.